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Today’s Tipple – Conversations on Cocktailing

Switzer Campfire

Long before Senator Flint tried to turn the area into a resort destination for wealthy Easterners, the Foothills of La Canada were a popular camping retreat for neighboring Pasadena hunters and fisherman.  The Switzer Camp was probably the most famous of the men’s hunting lodges that once spotted the hills of Angeles National Forest.

The Switzer Campfire evokes La Canada’s early days around the campfires of one of the areas popular hunting lodges with smokey Mezcal enhanced with the berries and sage that grow wild in the area.

The Thursday Club Cocktail

We celebrate a proud century of service to the community by The La Canada Thursday Club, the venerable social, cultural and philanthropic organization who’s meeting hall is just around the corner from the Flintridge Proper, with this tasty variation on the Brandy Old-Fashionied.

The Curiosity

A celebration of the brilliant engineers who toil, just around the corner from the Flintridge Proper, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Its bright red color pays tribute to the strange new world that their current Rover is now exploring and the sage and cranberries evoke the native flavors of the Flintridge Foothills.

The Descanso

Elegant and beautiful just like the local botanical gardens which lend this sparkling beauty it’s name.

Check out Descanso Gardens here.  It’s a lovely way to spend the day.

The Devil’s Gate

Named for the famous local rock formation shaped like a Devil’s Head that lends it’s name to the Devil’s Gate Dam just down  the street in front of JPL,  this drink celebrates the Flintridge Foothills with the berries, basil and lemon and adds a bit of the Devil’s fire with the Serrano chili’s and peppery housemade ginger syrup.


The Aviation

Nearly extinct for 70 years until its key ingredient – the rare violet liquor which provides its beautiful, frosty dawn-sky hue – was reintroduced and this fresh, bracingly bright cocktail was reborn.