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Though Juniper is the most notable ingredient in this style, typical London Dry Gins contain a wide variety of botanicals that contribute to its complex flavor. Depending on the herbs and spices used, London dry can range from earthy, spicy and full bodied to citrusy, floral and light.

7 Dials London 16
Ancient Mariner “London Cut” Helensburg, UK 18
Beefeater London 10
Beefeater “24” London 10
Beefeater “Inside London” London 10
Beefeater “Winter Edition” London 14
Berkeley Square England 16
Berry’s Good Ordinary London 12
Bloom Kosher London 13
Bombay England 10
Bombay Sapphire England 11
Boodles England 10
Boord’s St. Louis, MO 10
Broker’s England 10
Bulldog Kosher England 13
Burnett’s Kentucky 9
Christopher’s London 11
City of London England 11
City of London “Cold Distilled” London 16
Colonel Fox’s London 13
Darnley’s View London 10
Dr. J’s Cambridgeshire, UK 14
Fifty Pounds London 12
Fifty Pounds [UK] London 16
Finsbury 47 Platinum London 16
Foxdenton “The Tottering Sharpener” England 15
Foxdenton 48 England 12
Gates of London England 10
Gilpin’s “Westmorland” London 18
Glen’s England 10
Gordon’s London 10
Greenails Warrington, UK 11
Hayman’s “1850 Reserve” England 15
Hayman’s “Royal Dock” Navy Strength London 10
Hayman’s “Royal Dock” Navy Strength   [UK] London 15
Hunters Cheshire, UK 14
Ish London 16
Jensen “Bermondsey” London 13
London Hill London 10
Martin Miller’s “Westbourne Strength” England 11
Martin Miller’s “Westbourne Strength” [UK] England 14
Monopolowa Austria 10
Mr. Boston English Market New York 10
No. 3 Holland 12
Origin – Arezzo, Italy England 16
Origin – Istog, Kosovo England 16
Origin – Klanac, Croatia England 16
Origin – Meppel, The Netherlands England 16
Origin – Skopje, Macedonia England 16
Origin – Valbone, Albania England 16
Origin – Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria England 16
Oxley England 10
Pinnacle England 10
Portobello Road No. 171 London 12
Royal Gate London 10
Russell Henry Redwood Valley, CA 12
Sacred London 16
Seagram’s Indiana 10
Sipsmith London 14
Sipsmith Summer 2012 London 15
Sloane’s Netherlands 13
South Bank London 10
SW4 London 12
Taaka Kentucky 10
Tanqueray England 10
Tanqueray “Export Strength” England 11
Tanqueray “No. 10” England 11
Voyager Washington 11
Warner Edwards “Huntington” Northamptonshire, UK 14
Whitley Neill England 12
Zuidam Netherlands 13


A style unto itself. Plymouth Gin can only be produced in the city of Plymouth, England by one company and was called for by name in the first published recipe for a “Dry Martini” in 1896.  Plymouth Gin is notably less “juniper-y” than London Dry and has a soft, earthy flavor.

Plymouth Gin Plymouth, England 10
Plymouth Navy Strength Plymouth, England 11


This modern style of gin is characterized by downplaying juniper and showcasing less traditional and uncommon botanicals. New World gins have the most expansive range of flavor profiles, and tends to be lighter and more smooth than its London Dry style counterpart.

6 o’Clock London 12
Adnams “Southwald” Southwald, UK 14
Aviation Portland, OR 11
Ballast Point “Old Grove 88” San Diego, CA 11
Berkshire Mountain Distillers “Ethereal” Massachusetts 11
Berkshire Mountain Distillers “Greylock” Massachusetts 10
Blackwoods 2005 Scotland 12
Blackwoods 2007 Superior Strength Scotland 13
Blackwoods 2008 Scotland 11
Blade Belmont, CA 12
Bluecoat Pennsylvania 10
Boë Superior Scotland 15
Bombay Sapphire “East” England 12
Botanist Islay, Scotland 11
Brecon Botanicals Wales 14
Breuckelen Glorious New York 18
Brockmans Intensely Smooth England 14
Cadenhead “Old Raj” 110pf England 13
Cadenhead “Old Raj” 92pf England 12
Caorunn Scotland 11
Cap Rock Colorado 11
Citdelle France 10
Cold River Maine 16
Comb New York 12
Crater Lake “Cascade” Oregon 10
Cream London 17
Damrak Holland 10
Death’s Door Wisconsin 10
DH Krahn California 14
Distillery 209 San Fransisco, CA 10
Distillery 209 Kosher San Fransisco, CA 12
Dry Fly Spokane, WA 10
Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland 12
Edinburgh [UK] Scotland 13
Farmers “Botanical Organic” Minnesota 10
Few “American” Illinois 11
Few “Standard Issue” Illinois 12
Fords London 10
Fremont Mischief Washington 10
Genevieve Genever Style San Fransisco, CA 16
Geranium England 13
Gin Mare Spain 16
Great Lakes “Rehorst” Milwaukee, Wi 12
G’vine “Floraison” France 11
G’vine “Nouaison” France 11
Hendricks Scotland 10
High Spirits “Desert Dry” Flagstaff, AZ 10
Junipero San Fransisco, CA 10
Larios “12 Botanicals” Madrid, Spain 13
Leopolds Denver, CO 11
Leopolds Navy Strength Denver, CO 13
Letherbee Chicago, IL 10
Lighthouse New Zealand 17
London No.1 “Original Blue” London 16
Martin Miller’s England 10
Monkey 47 Schwarzwald, Germany 27
Monkey 47 “Distiller’s Cut” Schwarzwald, Germany 40
New Amsterdam California 10
Nolet’s Holland 13
Nolet’s “Reserve” Holland 80
Platinum 7X Kentucky 10
Professor C.A. “Bathtub Gin” England 16
Professor C.A. “Bathtub Gin” Navy Strength England 20
Professor C.A. “Cask-Aged” Batch 4 England 18
Refind Paso Robles, CA 12
Rusty Blade Belmont, CA 17
Sacred “Christmas Pudding” London 16
Smooth Ambler West Virginia 12
St. George “Bontanivore” California 11
St. George “Dry Rye” California 11
St. George “Terrior” California 11
Tanqueray “Malaca” England 11
Tanqueray “Rangpur” London 11
Uncle Val’s Sonoma, CA 12
Zephyr “Black” England 12


While it is produced with the same range of botanicals as London Dry, the Old Tom style has an added dosage of sugar (or, more traditionally, orange flower water) that makes it sweeter and less forward. It was most popular during the mid 1800s but a small number of dedicated distillers are resurrecting it for use in classic cocktail recipes from that era.

Hayman’s London 10
Jensen London 13
Professor C.A. England 17
Ransom Willamette, OR 13


The original Juniper infused spirit, dating to the early 1600s. Made only in Holland, Belgium and select sections of France and Germany from malted (Olde Genever) or unmalted (Jonge Genever) barley.  It is the most full bodied and rich style of Gin but mellows with age.

Bols Holland 11
Bols “Aged” Holland 11
Wees Jonge Amsterdam 16
Zuidam Baarle-Nassau, Holland 14
Zuidam “1” Baarle-Nassau, Holland 19
Zuidam “3 Zeer Oude” Baarle-Nassau, Holland 15
Zuidam “Young Grain” Baarle-Nassau, Holland 13


Gin liqueurs that are made by macerating fruit in sweetened gin which are traditionally made and consumed during the winter months. Though sloe berries are the most common choice, other fruit, such as raspberries or Damson plums, can also be used.

Amethyst “Lavender” Washington 13
Adnams Sloe Southwald, UK 12
Berry Good Blackcurrant England 15
Boudier Saffron Dijon, France 10
Bramley & Gage Damson England 12
Bramley & Gage Organic Sloe Thornbury, UK 13
Edinburgh Raspberry Scotland 13
Foxdenton Estate Sloe England 12
Gordon’s Sloe London 11
Hayman’s Sloe London 11
Magellan “Iris” France 10
Plymouth Sloe Plymouth, England 10
Russell Henry Hawaiian Ggr Redwood Valley, CA 12
Russell Henry Malaysian Lime Redwood Valley, CA 12
Spectator England 16
Strawberry Bank Damson Lythe Valley, UK 12
Tottering “Dickeys Flask Filler” Sloe England 13
Williams Chase “Elegant Crisp” England 16
Williams Chase “Seville Orange” Herefordshire, UK 16
Williams Great British England 13


A selection of gins from previous decades, highlighting the evolution of the spirit. Though the flavor will not change as it rests in the bottle, vintage gins offer a glimpse of what gin has been though history.

Bosford 1964 Italy 60
Bosford 1970’s Italy 40
Bosford 1980’s Italy 32
Burnett’s “White Satin” 1970’s London 40
Buton “Red Hills” 1970’s Bologna, Italy 40
Lord 1980’s Milan, Italy 32
Milton 1970’s Spain 40
Old Lady’s 1970’s Bourdeax, France 40
Rives 1980’s Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain 32
Seagers of London 1970’s London 40
Xoriguer “Mahon” 1970’s Spain 48


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