Gin Cocktails

Featuring the World’s Largest Selection of Gin
Ask to see our list of nearly 200.

(1888 – San Francisco – debated)
Simple. Perfection. We use the traditional dash of orange bitters and
serve a generous “steakhouse” portion in the classic diminutive cocktail glasses
with a chilled “sidecar” so every single sip is ice cold & delicious…
just as it should be.
Plymouth Gin | Dolan Vermouth | Twist and Rinsed Olive 12

(c. Prohibition – Unknown)
Created during Prohibition, this cocktail employed fresh honey to
mask the taste of lousy bathtub gin. We’ve substituted great New Amsterdam-style gin
and local Altadena honey for a cocktail that is golden and delicious.
Damrak Gin | Chaperal Mountain Honey | Fresh Lemon 11

(1911 – Hotel Wallick, NYC)
Nearly extinct for 70 years until its key ingredient –
the rare violet liquor which provides
its  beautiful, frosty dawn-sky hue – was reintroduced and this
fresh, bracingly bright cocktail was reborn.
Death’s Door Gin | Luxardo Maraschino | Eau de Viollette | Lime 12

(c. 1930 – Somewhere in America)
Not just for the ladies, this frothy pink work of art is home to some
powerful spirits making it truly Heaven… in a glass.
Fords Gin | Bonded Applejack | Lemon | Egg White | Housemade Grenadine 11

(1874 – NY & PA)
Light and refreshing – like homemade sparkling lemonade with a kick.
(Ask for it Mary-style to get sweeter & pink!)
Hayman’s Old Tom Gin | Fresh Lemon | Simple | Soda 11

One of the most popular among our guests –  men and women alike.
A variation on a modern classic called the South Side,
it elevates the citrus and mint with fresh cucumber.
Ford’s Gin | Lime | Cucumber | Mint | Simple 12

(Early 1900s – Her Majesty’s Navy)
When a cocktail only has two ingredients, they’d better both be exceptional.
We chose Limited Edition Tanqueray Malacca Gin and Artisanal Tonic.
Tanqueray Malacca Gin | Fever Tree Tonic 12

(c. 1910 – Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, PA)
This pre-prohibition beauty was created for, and enjoyed by,
the captains of industry who were members of this
storied men’s club in Philadelphia.
Gates of London Gin | Lemon | Raspberries | Egg White 12

(c. 1920 – Detroit Athletic Club)
One of our favorite cocktails, featuring the hauntingly complex
Green Chartreuse for a drink of beguiling depth and harmony
Gates of London Gin | Green Chartreuse | Luxardo Maraschino | Fresh Lime 12

Other Spirits

(1898 – Boston, MA)
We use both our own house-aged bitters and a dash of peach bitters,
set the glass on fire to caramelize the sugar, add ice, bonded bourbon
and garnish with flamed orange.
(Allow a couple of minutes for the pyrotechnics)
Old Forester Bourbon | Sugar Cube |  Barrel-Aged Proper & Peach Bitters 14

(1882 – Somewhere in New York)
This cocktail’s origins are shrouded in mystery and legend,
which only makes it more appealing. Robust and intense
with a spicy rye kick.
Rye | Carpano Antica | Angostura Bitters 11

(1937 – Mexico City)
Created at the La Cucaracha Cocktail Club
and brought to the US by Charles H. Baker Jr. in his
famous “Gentleman’s Companion.” Think Margarita… with a twist.
Tequila | Fresh Lime | Simple | Soda | Angostura 12

(1732- Philadelphia)  
One of the oldest known punches and a favorite of
George Washington, this potent libation is a summer standard.
Just a sip and you’ll understand why this recipe has endured.
Appleton 12yr Rum | Remy VSOP | Mathilde Peach | Lemon | Soda 11

Regional Classics

(1930 – Hollywood, CA)
A tasty twist on the traditional
Whiskey Sour created at the HiHo Club on
Highlands & Hollywood Blvd. Rich and full bodied with
a perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter.
Maker’s Mark Bourbon | Carpano Antica | Egg White | Lemon | Simple Angostura Bitters 12

(1941 – Hollywood, CA)
Artisanal Ginger Beer and Russian Vodka. Zesty, delicious
and served in the classic copper “Mule” mug.
Vodka | Housemade Ginger Beer 11

(1944 – Oakland, CA)
A California original, whose name literally means
“the best,” from the Polynesian drink craze of the 1930s.
It’s a blast from the Tiki past.
Appleton’s 12yr Jamaican Rum | Dry Curacao | Orgeat | Lime 12

(Early 1980s – South Beach, FL)
Abused by barmen across the land,
when made with fresh ingredients in the proper proportions
this modern classic is as delicious as it is lovely.
Ketel Citron Vodka | Cointreau | Cranberry | Lime 12 

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