The Irish Spice (Recipe)


Kristin Mercer / The Flintridge Proper


Kristin had two goals when she set out to fashion the ideal autumn tipple: to create a cocktail that featured Irish whiskey as a nod to her Irish heritage and to incorporate autumn flavors – like Allspice, Cranberry and orange – without making a drink that was too sweet.

We think what she’s come up with captures the essence of Autumn beautifully in a libation that is balanced enough to be enjoyed all year round.

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The Switzer Bramble


Tobais Jelinek /The Flintridge Proper

FlintridgeProper-482Named after the famed Switzer hunting camp that once graced the foothills just North of the Proper, this is a fresh take on a modern class of drinks known as a brambles.  Originally created in the 80s as an updated version of a gin sour with berry liqueur, Tobias’ version uses the freshest seasonal berries that come into the kitchen.

Not only is this cocktail delicious, it’s also easy to make at home – without having to make or buy any special ingredients. And by changing up which berries you use, you can vary this cocktail for a many different tastes.

Tobias was inspired to create this drink by his childhood memories of Autumn romps through the forest harvesting wild berries before the holiday season.

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The Indian Summer


Angel Meza / Flintridge Proper

Angel ShakingAngel created this cocktail to celebrate those strangely warm days that sneak up and surprise us once we’re convinced Autumn has settled in for good.  The apple and cinnamon evoke the flavors of fall while the lemon and pear provide a sunny brightness that reminds us of those last sunny, summery days before the long winter.

According to Angel, The Indian Summer is also a “great gateway cocktail for those who don’t like to taste the alcohol” in their cocktails.”

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