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Today’s Tipple – Conversations on Cocktailing

How to Make a Proper Margarita

A Proper Margarita is so simple to make but so hard to find at restaurants in Southern California.  The key is using fresh lime juice, agave nectar and mixing in the right proportions.

And don’t forget, if you don’t feel like making them at home, they’re available at Happy Hour prices from 3-6 every day.

Tom Collins

After nearly a decade of “forcing” spirit-based cocktails into the hands of our trepidatious wine and beer drinking friends, we’ve found that the Tom Collins is the one gin cocktail that pretty much everyone loves.  It’s light and refreshing – like homemade sparkling lemonade with a kick.

Proper Cosmopolitan

Abused by barmen across the land, when made with fresh ingredients in the proper proportions this modern classic is as delicious as it is lovely.

How to Make a Proper Martini


As the World’s Largest Gin Bar, we take the responsibility of making a great martini very seriously.  We’ve labored over every detail to create a libation which is truly “proper” and, today, we share our secrets with you….

The Bee’s Knees

Created during Prohibition, this cocktail employed fresh honey to mask the taste of lousy bathtub gin (which was often made with turpentine and a touch of Sulfuric Acid, to duplicate the alcohol “burn”). When you make it with real gin and good honey it is an absolutely fantastic cocktail.  Fresh, golden and downright healthy tasting – like a sunny, spring morning.

Pink Lady Cocktail

 Not just for the ladies, this frothy pink work of art is home to some powerful spirits making it truly Heaven… in a glass.

London Bow Tie (Recipe)


John Peet / The Flintridge Proper

John Peet

John’s contribution to our spring cocktail menu is one of the most interesting cocktails we’ve had in years – both in taste and presentation.

With your first sip, the orgeat and bourbon provide a tiki vibe evoking warm, lazy sunsets in the tropics. But as you move through the cocktail, the bitter notes of the Italian Digestif, Amaro, hiding at the bottom, slowly make themselves known – transforming the drink into something more interesting and complex with each subsequent sip.

The Felonious Monk (Recipe)


Tobais Jelinek /The Flintridge Proper


Tobias pays tribute to spring in Flintridge with a symphony of greens – both Green Chartreuse and The Green Fairy, Absinthe –  in this easy drinking vodka cocktail certain to please nearly every taste.

Starting with citrus vodka, he adds Green Chartreuse the beguiling bright green liquour that has been made by Carthusian Monks from a secret recipe of more than 130 different herbs, plants and flowers since the early 1600s.  He then balances it with fresh lemon, local honey and a spray of the Green Fairy, Absinthe, for additional complexity on the nose.

Secret Garden (Recipe)


Kristin Mercer / The Flintridge Proper


Kristin celebrates spring in the foothills with this gorgeous and delicious homage to the beautiful rose gardens at nearby Descanso Gardens.  This nearly perfectly balanced gin libation plays the bitter orange and rhubarb notes of the bright orange apertif, Aperol, against the sweet floral notes of our housemade elderflower syrup and a dash of peach bitters for a bright, fruity cocktail that’s not too sweet to enjoy several…

Jalisco Shandy (Recipe)


Angel Meza / The Flintridge Proper

Angel Shaking


Angel pays tribute to his Latin heritage with this riff on the traditional shandy (drinks mixed with beer).  Here he uses both tequila and smoky mezcal, then adds lime, muddle strawberry and habanero pepper for a tipple that is both complex and refreshing.