The Bee’s Knees

Created during Prohibition, this cocktail employed fresh honey to mask the taste of lousy bathtub gin (which was often made with turpentine and a touch of Sulfuric Acid, to duplicate the alcohol “burn”). When you make it with real gin and good honey it is an absolutely fantastic cocktail.  Fresh, golden and downright healthy tasting – like a sunny, spring morning.

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The Irish Spice (Recipe)


Kristin Mercer / The Flintridge Proper


Kristin had two goals when she set out to fashion the ideal autumn tipple: to create a cocktail that featured Irish whiskey as a nod to her Irish heritage and to incorporate autumn flavors – like Allspice, Cranberry and orange – without making a drink that was too sweet.

We think what she’s come up with captures the essence of Autumn beautifully in a libation that is balanced enough to be enjoyed all year round.

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Ancient Mariner Cocktail

As the weather heats up in the Foothills of Southern California, our Today’s Tipple turns to the tropical with this update of one of Trader Vic’s favorite Tiki Drinks.

If you find tropical drinks a bit cloying and heavy, this just may be the antidote.  Sort of like a Mai Tai but less sweet and considerably more complex – thanks to the addition of the Pimento Dram – this is one of our favorite summer time drinks.

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The Tuesday Afternoon

If you think you don’t like brown spirits, you need to give this beauty a try.  It’s the perfect tipple for when you’re feeling moody and blue.

Created by our brilliant bartender, Angel, for Mary Elizabeth who hates all dark spirits, this clever variation on a whiskey sour is rich, sweet and comforting.  Its mellow autumnal flavors makes us think of a lazy, drizzly October afternoon. But we like it damn near anytime.

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The Paper Plane Cocktail


Sam Ross / Little Branch

A new favorite of our flaming-haired bartender, Kristen, thanks to it’s perfect balance of bitter and sweet, this modern classic was created by Sam Ross at the Little Branch bar in NYC.

It’s remarkably complex due to the fact that it features two, count ’em two, different Italian bitters in one delicious tipple:  the herbaceous bitter apertif, Nonino Quintessentia Amaro, and the sweetly bitter, bright red aperitif Aperol.

We like it because it’s an equal parts cocktail, like our perennial favorite the Last Word, so it’s easy to remember.

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