The Botonist
Islay Dry Gin

This is one of our bar manager, Mark’s current favorites.

Mark has long been a fan and student of Scotch distilling traditions so when he found himself in charge of the world’s largest gin bar, he started working his way through the great new Scottish gins and this was a clear and immediate standout.

Made from 9 traditional gin botanicals and 22 handpicked native Islay botanicals (that’s where the super smokey, super peaty Scotches are made), it’s then distilled in a copper Lamond still nicknamed “Ugly Betty.”

It’s a New World-style gin but it holds to its London Dry roots – like London Dry with a twist.  Look for citrus and mint on the nose and a rich, earthy flavor.

Mark calls it…

One of the most surprising, interesting spirits I have ever had…

He recommends drinking it first and foremost neat, in a glass, but it would also make a terrific Corpse Reviver #2

You can learn more about them at their web site….