St. George Terrior

One of the favorite gins or our red-headed bar tender, Kristen who says it’s like…

Christmas AND summertime in a glass…

When Kristen first arrived at the Proper she was relatively new to gin so, Mark, the bar manager put a handful of his favorite gins in front of her and this one immediately caught her attention.

It attracted her first because it’s made right here in her home state of California and then for its intense botanical flavors.

One of three very different gins produced by St. George, Terroir is made with native California Douglas fir, California bay laurel and coastal sage blended with a wide range of traditional gin botanicals.

There are a lot of unusual flavors here but it’s still clearly a gin.

Look for piney, grassy and earthy on both the nose and palate.

It’s fantastic in a Last Word.

You can learn more about them at their web site here.