Professor Cornelias Ampleforth
Bathtub Gin


The current favorite of our bar manager, Mark.

It has soooo much going on!

There’s definitely plenty of Juniper but not in the oily piney way often found on lesser offerings.  Somehow the Professor’s has found a way to make his Juniper notes fresher and more natural tasting.   There’s also a very solid citrus layer – yuzu fruit-ish  – as well as some earthy notes to round it out.

It hits all the flavors one looks for in a good gin – piney, citrusy, earthy, juniper-y, sweet – and combines them in uniquely balanced way without hitting you in the face with any one taste.

It’s got a soft, velvet-y nose, that’s not too hot on the alcohol and has these lovely fruity, sweet top notes that really make it something special.

This one is truly worth seeking out.