“The Ultimate” Islay Single Malt Scotch

Every year Ardbeg, the makers of the peatiest scotch whisky,  do a special release and this year it’s called Ardbog.  It has a very small allocation – we only got one bottle and that’s all we will ever get.

Ardbeg is known for being super intense- even for an Islay Scotch – with a brush fire smokiness and big peat across the entire thing from start to finish.

This one takes it a step further, amping up the peat to almost unprecedented levels but then balancing it with notes of sweetness and a hint of brine.

They describe it as…

“A rare vatting of different styles of Ardberg where rich salty whiskies are balanced with softer, sweeter casks to create a dram of great depth and peaty complexity.”

We found it to be…

“Very much like being punched in the mouth by a boxing glove that was lit on fire, but… you know… in the good way.”

Please don’t misunderstand us… WE LOVE THIS SCOTCH!